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I am new to this forum, but not to diesel, and I appreciate any opinions. I own 3 GMC's Duramax work trucks 04', 06, 18', 2 of them modified; an Audi TDI, a Mercedes Sprinter Bluetec, I have just purchased a stock running 64' Sweptline, which of course will be a diesel someday. As you can see by the picture, a long road of body work lay in store for me. I have already collected a Dana 60 front, a Dana 80 rear and rebuilt NP205 with PTO. I have an 89' 5.9 12V available to me if Id like ( Father in laws old truck with about 210,000 easy miles). I love the fact of the all mechanical 12V , but I am drawn to 6.7. Reading up on 12v builds, I know they can make a ton power, a super reliable. For a tranny, probably a NV4500, as it is a manual now, so as to keep the nostalgic flavor of the truck, but my Allison's sure are nice. Any thoughts ?


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In the Conversion section there is someone who swapped on into a sweptline. I prefer the 12v's because they are so much easier to do alot less wiring.

The Allisons are a good choice and so are the zf5 and 6's. I have a zf5-42 in my Fummins and it has a close gear spread and makes it easy to drive.

Is your Dana 60 a driver or passenger side drop that will make your trans selection easier.
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