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6" Lift & Front Driveshaft Noise

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I put a 6" superlift on my truck and I'm getting a driveshaft related noise (I think) :confused013: My question is, am I the only one with this noise and this much lift?
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I guess a custom driveshaft may be in my future.
No your fine im running 8.5 in lift and stock driveline just turn your axle so there is les angle on the front driveline, i think its positive camber and mine is turned as far as it will go and my noise went away
Well he has a mega cab so its a two piece rear drive line so he should of got a shim for it. And make sure you put the rear blocks in right since there angeld for the rear drive line. Just turn your axle up and you should be fine.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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