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6.7 smarty?

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Hey guys, I currently have a 08 6.7 and it has the edge juice stacked with the MP-8, and the dpf/egr delete. I am having to many problems with the delete kit i have (trying to re-gen all the time) which came with the flow pro exhaust. I have been highly reccomended to put in the smarty chip to properly delete the dpf. I was just wondering what i need to do with all the chips. I was told to run the edge on "0" (stock) and keep it for the gauge display and to read codes. And i was looking at the smarty and it says i believe to run it on odd numbers when stacked with the MP-8???? So do i need to change the edge to stock and all stock timing and do all the tuning with the smarty? and do i need to run the smarty on odd numbers? And if anyone out there has a similar set up where do you run your smart and MP-8 for equal performance and fuel economy, I have no tranny up grades and would love to have the power and keep everything in one piece...any info you guys might have will be greatly appreciated.
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just finished reading your post, you can run any setting on the smarty, just leavethe rail pressure setting on 1(stock). the smarty settings are a little wierd to get used to, evens make power on fuel duration only, the odds add some timing with lesser fuel, if you select an even and then add timing ,they make more than advertised.
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