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6.7 rail vs 5.9 rail

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im gathering parts and am planning on building a 6.7 long block for next years pull truck a early 04. was looking over the fuel rails on the 2 engines tonight and debate trying to use the 6.7 rail for size reasons mostly,but id have to adapt the 5.9 sensors to it, are the 6.7 injectors and rails good for more rail pressure than the 5.9?? don has said the 6.7 injector bodys wont work with the 5.9 ecm. anyone have any info on these comparisions??
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5.9 rails are less restrictive than 6.7 rails. a 6.7 will see more hp gain than a 5.9 when modding their respective rails. as for the actual ID of the rails I have no idea which is larger. and far as I know they're both rated for the same pressure.
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