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6.7 mods

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my buddy is purchasing a 07 6.7. he asked me to get him set up to get more power and mileage.

he wants an intake, programmer and an exhaust( which may not be possible with the dpf).

the programmer doesnt have to be the most powerful but must turn the dpf and egr off.
I was thinking smarty was the only choice. can the PMT or BD GT do that?

I guess what i am saying is help me spend my friends money. there are only a few catches.
1. I have to be able to install it.
2. it still has to be able to tow and be a dd
3. he is still going to try to keep it some what in warranty shape (intake our dealer is cool with)
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I just moded my new 2008 - Warranty!!

Hi, if you are concerned about warranty then you are in a grey zone. Just doing a programmer tune to your truck can get sticky if the dealer searches and finds it.

To do a dpf delete and then a tuner to turn of the Egr and regen's goes hand in hand.

I unplugged my egr solenoid valve and it just made me feel good. The truck still regen alot and fuel mileage sucked. I had to drive it like a mad man every couple of days. I had an edge to tell me when the truck needed to be regened.

An edge is not cheap. So if you throw your dollars towards a dpf delete stage II kit and an xrt tuner the first time, you will be money in. And then you can add air intake and dual exhaust after or the same time. But things add up quickly.

Your friend needs to do contact a few performances shops or do a little research on this site. All the info is here

Good luck with it
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