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6.7 mods advice

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hey guys newbie here. im currently in afghanistan for a year long deployment. before i left i bought a stock 2008 3500 QC SRW Laramie 4x4. Ive been reading all the post on the forums to try and get all the info i possibly could before posting anything. im lookin to get some good power out of the truck and maybe a little smoke nothing major. so far what i have in mind is the black maxx, afe CAI, black ops intake horn, full TBE (not sure which one yet), fuel rail shim kit, and possibly an air dog 150. with this set up i know the next step would be turbo and injectors but that will be later. how will the stock transmission (automatic) hold up to the full power setting on the maxx and should i get a TCC controller as well? any input, suggestions, or changes are greatly appreciated.
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what power settings on the black maxx will my setup handle? should i get a wastegate as well?
is the maxx gonna smoke like crazy? i want to be able to drive around without leaving a smoke trail but if i happen to punch it get a little bit of smoke out of it. ive been reading up on the MPH tranmission tune. what are the opinions on it out there? does that make a tcc unnecessary?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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