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6.7 missing/ popping... i need some help

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looked everywhere on here for other threads with my symptoms with no luck. so here it is... just switched from h and s to efi live from fleece about 3 weeks ago. ran great till a few days ago. was driving to work at a steady speed and it had a little hiccup miss. Didn't think much of it. prior to this (night before) i got a map sensor code two times in a row after deleting them. when i went to leave work i had to give it a little bit of heavy throttle to keep up started missing/ popping. any time i would put a load on the motor as in heavy throttle or go up a hill it would have what i call a little hiccup miss or cut out got a split sec and you can feel the truck jerk back. when i made it home it had the a slight miss at idle but it would happen a random and just barely feel the truck jerk slightly. so i drove back to work and switched out both the sensors on the air intake and that seemed to help it.didnt notice a miss at idle and it feels like i have to really try to get it to miss under a load maybe once you get the revved up to 2800-3000 and get the boost around 40 it will really miss and jerk its worse. rail psi stays between 23-25kpsi. i think its electrical but what do i know. lol doubtful its an injector cause they just got tested a year ago and 5 rebuild by area diesel. has no smoke white at all on start up. any help is much appreciated!!
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I know this thread is old but I found it because I am having the same problem.
Did you ever find a fix?
After i put the brand new S&S injectors in with 65% nozzles with new tubes it helped some.. it didn't do it as much. So my plan was to swap ecms next. Went to change it and unplugged the ecm and found a ground wire off the battery. I don't know if it was already off or if i knocked it off when i was reaching down to unplug the ecm. I hooked the ecm and ground wire back up and went for a drive. It didn't do it as often as before but still did it at total random. So i decided i was gonna drive it a few weeks and see what happened. First week it might pop once in the morning and once going home. then it turned into only popping once a week, then only once a mo.. I have not done anything else to it since then and it hasn't popped for a good 4mo + (knock on wood). I really don't know what fixed it. i know it sounds dumb but it kinda just came out of it.. wish i was more help!
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Im pulling my hair out over mine. I took off and cleaned the MAP by the filter today. Will try to tackle the other one in the air horn tomorrow. With the Pusher, its a PITA to get to.
I drove just about all day today. It seems it does it less in tow/haul mode. It does it even less with the CSP5 on "2". It still does it if I go more than 3/4 throttle. If I stay out of it, its drives ok. It doesnt feel like limp mode, but has zero power.
Im at wits end. I guess Monday Ill start bugging Phil and see if he can look at a data log.
Mine always had good power, it just hiccuped out the exhaust.
I dont know if I have good power or not. Never had a diesel to compare to. My brother rode with me and says its fast. But I think his Powerjoke is fast. So its whose opinion matters????
Ive had stout gasser car and trucks, and the diesel doesn't even compare to them. I think my 1500 4.7L would beat my truck flat out. But obviously not towing anything.
Signal25 did you ever find out what was causing it??
Sounds like injectors too me
Signal25 did you ever find out what was causing it??
Yes but Im to embarrassed to post it.

I did the 2nd Gen swap so it came with a new filter and elbow for the MAP sensor, and the other sensor. (not sure what it is)

Well apparently there is a little arrow that says which way the air has to flow.
Mine was on backwards.
No idea how it happened other that I didnt know to look for it.
Not trying to beat a dead horse here but I've got a 14 2500 bone stock experiencing the same exact issues. Has anyone figured out a sure fire fix for this? The truck is bone stock k with 32k miles and I've experienced this since day one.
Same issue. Seems like there’s a ton of these problems with no set fix. Any leads yet or proven fixes?
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