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6.7 missing/ popping... i need some help

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looked everywhere on here for other threads with my symptoms with no luck. so here it is... just switched from h and s to efi live from fleece about 3 weeks ago. ran great till a few days ago. was driving to work at a steady speed and it had a little hiccup miss. Didn't think much of it. prior to this (night before) i got a map sensor code two times in a row after deleting them. when i went to leave work i had to give it a little bit of heavy throttle to keep up started missing/ popping. any time i would put a load on the motor as in heavy throttle or go up a hill it would have what i call a little hiccup miss or cut out got a split sec and you can feel the truck jerk back. when i made it home it had the a slight miss at idle but it would happen a random and just barely feel the truck jerk slightly. so i drove back to work and switched out both the sensors on the air intake and that seemed to help it.didnt notice a miss at idle and it feels like i have to really try to get it to miss under a load maybe once you get the revved up to 2800-3000 and get the boost around 40 it will really miss and jerk its worse. rail psi stays between 23-25kpsi. i think its electrical but what do i know. lol doubtful its an injector cause they just got tested a year ago and 5 rebuild by area diesel. has no smoke white at all on start up. any help is much appreciated!!
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You had just 5 of the injectors rebuilt? I'd start with the one that wasn't rebuilt.
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