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6.7 ho

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Anybody had a look under the hood at the new 6.7 HO Cummins? Just curious if Cummins put a 'HO' badge on the engine along with the truck badge.
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How can you determine if you have the HO engine. Do all the trucks have the bag to signify it's the HO engine. Curious if there is way to determine if you have the HO engine or not. The reason I ask is because my father just purchased a 2011 and was told it was the HO engine but there are no badges anywhere. Is there a vin number to signify its HO, casting numbers, build dates, etc. Just curious if there is a definite way to determine if it is or not. And no, he bought used with no window sticker available. Truck is a 2011 2500, crew, auto. Thanks for any and all advice. It's greatly appreciated.

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