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There is tons of info on this site on the pros and cons of doing so. I suggest atleast unplugging the EGR to prevent some of the potential soot related issues.

On my truck I have the EGR and cooler deleted and I'm running a 5'' straight pipe with no cat, no nox filter and no dpf. Best of all no codes or sims thanks to XRT.

also got 16.1 mpg hand calc filling up this morning with 70% steet driving on 37'' tires and 3.73 gears.

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will that through codes, i would assume? what websites do u reccomend?
This one of course.:headbang:
Look in the Vendor section for a long list of options available to you.
You can post up a request for Quote in the request a quotes section and see who/what responds. :thumbsup:
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