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6.7 code please help

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My friend has a 07 6.7 today a check engine light came on with code p 6266 we are planning of going spring bear hunting with his truck on Friday. What does that code mean and is it a major problem if he can't make it to the dealer before Friday?

Thank You
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Are you sure it wasnt 2262? If so its the turbo code and a trip to the dealer. Its very common in the 07s. There isnt a 6626 code listed. If you go to the dealer they may want to just clean the turbo. Insist on a new one instead.
I work at a dealership. We don't even have the proper procedure yet for turbo cleaning. Best thing to do is make sure the exhaust brake works properly. If it does, then don't worry about your trip. You'll be OK. Make sure the cat status on the overhead doesn't get out of control. above 70%. If it does, it's time to take a 30-40 minute drive at highway speed to get the truck to regen and clean the exhaust system. Good luck. Any more questions, don't hesitate to ask. Hope this helps
if this code came up would the dealer say you need a new air cleaner because thats what they said when he was in for a oil change today
that's definitely not the reason for the code. excessive soot is accumulating on the turbocharger, not allowing for easy movement of the sliding nozzle ring. The air filter might be dirty, but NOT the reason the code. Just make sure to use your exhaust brake as much as possible.
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