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6.4 powerstoke...... Does any one still buy them?

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So ive decided im going to be selling my very clean rust free 2007 6.7. To hopfully replace it with a equally as clean 2nd or 3rd gen with a 6speed. As i am prowling fb market place to see whats local... Quite a few 6.4 powerstrokes popped up and i couldnt help but to ponder. If any one buys these things any more? High school kids that want a diesel to roll coal and have 3ft offset tires? As they are cheap and people practicly give them away. Also makes you wonder if its just the same trucks , getting sold and traded over and over to the next victom. Hmmmmmm
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I buy used stuff often, with vehicles and firearms, I never jump on the items I consistently see for sale on mass, cheap.

there’s a good reason it’s hard to find a clean older Cummins powered truck.

Not sure I would get ride of the 6.7 either TBH.
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Truck is a play toy, sits 90% of the time.. want a 6speed hand shaker so i dont need to worry about the 68rfe. Want pre emission so I don't have to worry about that bs. Yes there may be options now.. but what about 5-10 yr from now
hmmm I have a 68RFE and dont worry one bit about it... best trans I ever had TBH. Sounds like your taking in too much interweb myths. Also what makes you think the 6speed is any better?

I get, I do. If you just want emission free and a stick, go for it! just don't fool yourself into thinking the reasons are because the 68rfe is a timebomb and the emissions stuff is actually a problem. Chasing that logic you are going to unhappy with the new truck for its "interwebs fact-checked Ackelses heal"
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What mods do you have done to your 68RFE?

It's the worst transmission I've ever owned by far made worse in combination by the factory shift points. I would pay good money to put a G56 in but before I go there I was going to try a new valve body and higher line pressures. I was also going to try making my own TCM tune because the ones that I have tried hold third gear way too long.

I have heard the 4.5 gen and up 68RFE are a different beast because of a new valve body and also better gearing.
Nothing... except a upgraded flex plate since the factor one cracked at 120k. 1-5 hold strong towing (at leaast my "normal person loads"), the gear ratios are just rights for the engine and 3.73 diffs making the perfect do-it-all truck, it runs cool all the time, shifts smooth.. I cant complain one bit!

Shift points? IDK, when im towing I use the shifter to hold gears, when running unloaded I typically don't care that it races to 6th, but if I did, I have the shifter. When I hit the back road to my house I habitually lock it to 5th and enjoy the rolling road. People are babies about this way too often IMO. Also a quick tune fixes the shift points if you really are that un happy with it.

yea at some point I would like to either modify the VB or get a full upgrade, but that's mostly just because I know I can...
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My truck im looking to get rid of. Whats the odds of finding a just as rust free 2nd or 3rd gen 5.9 View attachment 974998 View attachment 974999 View attachment 975000 View attachment 975001 View attachment 975002 View attachment 975003

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Good looking truck btw... I suppose you could add a real truck bed (I mean long bed) to your "why you want to change trucks list"

That will likely be the reason if I ever do change trucks, a 8' bed that never has to be made! I cant stand my short box, but I have done too much to my truck to let it go now :(
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Excellent reply and agree 100%. The transmissions are very good. They just were never designed for use in a diesel truck to pull heavy weight. Then owners turn up the power and blame the trans when it fails. Lower gears and more gears is what they need for the diesel engine. This is why RAM finally went to the Aisin 6 speed trans. It has ALL the bases covered.
Are you thinking of the 48re? I was under the impression the 68rfe was build specifically for the 6.7 Cummins. Hence why it wasn’t in any gas trucks. Or am I wrong?

I know too many guys on a 68rfe with well over 200 even a couple almost to 400k on the OEM 68 to believe it wasn’t built for a diesel.
Ive decided im going to sell mine, or try too. Not going to give it away. Worrying about the trans and headgasket all the time when i drive it, is what was the tipping point on the decision
Lmao, “worrying” about imaginary problems so much you’re selling the truck. i have had several trucks before landing on my 08 6.7, mine were as reliable. This truck just works. I fix what’s broke and move on. Every older truck is going to have problems you just learn to deal. Have you considered a Subaru?
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