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6.4 powerstoke...... Does any one still buy them?

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So ive decided im going to be selling my very clean rust free 2007 6.7. To hopfully replace it with a equally as clean 2nd or 3rd gen with a 6speed. As i am prowling fb market place to see whats local... Quite a few 6.4 powerstrokes popped up and i couldnt help but to ponder. If any one buys these things any more? High school kids that want a diesel to roll coal and have 3ft offset tires? As they are cheap and people practicly give them away. Also makes you wonder if its just the same trucks , getting sold and traded over and over to the next victom. Hmmmmmm
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I've done plenty of studding and misplacing egr's on the 6.0/6.4. Imagine spending $5k plus just to make your truck reliable. No tuners, go fast parts, wheels and tires,ect. Those ford guys are a different breed.
At least with injectors you can upgrade them while they're out, same with the trans. Bulletproofing a ford has almost no performance gains. Last time I checked, I didn't pull the cab to any injector or studding in a Dodge.
You don't even want to know what's involved in changing a brake light bulb or windshield wipers:LOL:
You have to cut the factory head bolt out and beat up the cab on the #9 head bolt/stud. It can be done and I have, but most of my customers don't appreciate it. There's a "way" to do things, or there's the right way. Ford engineered the cabs to come off for any major service.
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