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6.4 powerstoke...... Does any one still buy them?

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So ive decided im going to be selling my very clean rust free 2007 6.7. To hopfully replace it with a equally as clean 2nd or 3rd gen with a 6speed. As i am prowling fb market place to see whats local... Quite a few 6.4 powerstrokes popped up and i couldnt help but to ponder. If any one buys these things any more? High school kids that want a diesel to roll coal and have 3ft offset tires? As they are cheap and people practicly give them away. Also makes you wonder if its just the same trucks , getting sold and traded over and over to the next victom. Hmmmmmm
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That's why most Members will make there trucks the way they want them if they really like them. So why not just do a swap then you'll have your perfect truck?
Because if i do a 6 speed swap ,you can get them close to factory. But its still not factory fit and finish. Also i want to go back to a pre emission truck. If my h&s tuner ever fails, its will be hard to get my truck back up n going because of the epa cracking down on tuners
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I don't think many members here would buy a 6.4L powerstroke. They aren't exactly known as being a super reliable engine or easy to work on. Well, the diehard ford owners will tell you that once you've gotten proficient at ripping off the cab, they're easy to work on. The good news is, if you buy a 6.4L, you'll get very proficient at ripping the cab off relatively quickly it seems. They seem to hold power ok stock though.
I dont want a 6.4. i just keep seeing them pop up forsale.. and wonder if any one buys them any more. You can hardle get parts for them
My truck im looking to get rid of. Whats the odds of finding a just as rust free 2nd or 3rd gen 5.9
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Truck is a play toy, sits 90% of the time.. want a 6speed hand shaker so i dont need to worry about the 68rfe. Want pre emission so i dont have to worry about that bs. Yes there may be options now.. but what about 5-10 yr from now
Sadly, I can probably guess why you are getting rid of your clean 3rd Gen 6.7L truck...

A little research about Ford Powerstroke 6.0L and 6.4L diesel engines (and Ford 5.4L gas engines) will tell you why those trucks are so cheap to buy.
I know why the 6.4s sell cheap... The 5.4 is really a good motor, they made a bazillion of those things and alot of them are still going with 200k+ miles
hmmm I have a 68RFE and dont worry one bit about it... best trans I ever had TBH. Sounds like your taking in too much interweb myths. Also what makes you think the 6speed is any better?

I get, I do. If you just want emission free and a stick, go for it! just don't fool yourself into thinking the reasons are because the 68rfe is a timebomb and the emissions stuff is actually a problem. Chasing that logic you are going to unhappy with the new truck for its "interwebs fact-checked Ackelses heal"
68rfe's are time bombs. When it comes time for a rebuild your looking at 7-10g for one thats worth a damn... 6speed, ya throw a 1500 clutch in it and be done...emmission stuff isnt a problem on my truck.. that stuff fell off many years ago. The problem is that the truck wont run with out alternative programming. And one day you wont be able to get it
Good looking truck btw... I suppose you could add a real truck bed (I mean long bed) to your "why you want to change trucks list"

That will likely be the reason if I ever do change trucks, a 8' bed that never has to be made! I cant stand my short box, but I have done too much to my truck to let it go now :(
Love the short box, 8ft with a quad cab is too long. I had a 06 powerstroke once with the supercrew cab and long box. Thing was a boat
So ive been surfing and looking for trucks. If i sell mine, it will be months or years before i found another just as clean with what im looking for. Gotta decide if its worth it
I love the guys that say their 6.0L or 6.4L Powerstroke is "bulletproofed", so it's as good as a Cummins!

@caleb90, I think you are looking for the perfect truck. You are not going to find it...
I just want a rust free 2nd or 3rd gen with a hand shaker
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So is there any way to get down into the heater core area with out pulling dash? Just fired my truck up from sitting all winter. A mouse popped out from black cowling under the wipers.. i looked down in there and sure as ****, its full of mouse ****... Luckly no smell in the cab with heat on
I've done plenty of studding and misplacing egr's on the 6.0/6.4. Imagine spending $5k plus just to make your truck reliable. No tuners, go fast parts, wheels and tires,ect. Those ford guys are a different breed.
5.9 common rail, 3-4g injectors.. 6.7 cummins 68rfe, any more be said? Both are going to fail. 6.4 is a turd.. the 6.0 isnt that bad
^^ Are you joking around?
No. Injectors is a known problem on the 03-07 5.9... 06 is a electrical night mare.. the 68rfe cost an arm and a leg to rebuild, alot fail on stock power. So spending 3-5g on a 6.0 to "bullet proof" it is right around the same as the other two when either the injecters fail or the trans fails..
At least with injectors you can upgrade them while they're out, same with the trans. Bulletproofing a ford has almost no performance gains. Last time I checked, I didn't pull the cab to any injector or studding in a Dodge.
You dont have to pull the cab on a 6.0 for injectors or studs.. you have to pull the cab on the 6.4 for pretty much anything
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If i was going to get another ferd diesel , id be going a different dirrection.. id go newer and get the 6.7
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They're nice trucks for sure.
Defeats my whole purpose on going pre emission though. If i had a 6.7 powerstroke it would have to be missing key epa systems. While some people think they do good. I think they are worse for the climate, and engine reliability
Ive decided im going to sell mine, or try too. Not going to give it away. Worrying about the trans and headgasket all the time when i drive it, is what was the tipping point on the decision
Lmao, “worrying” about imaginary problems so much you’re selling the truck. i have had several trucks before landing on my 08 6.7, mine were as reliable. This truck just works. I fix what’s broke and move on. Every older truck is going to have problems you just learn to deal. Have you considered a Subaru?
68rfe and head gaskets are a known 6.7 problem.
So basicly what they are saying is .. you cant build a 68rfe that will handle horsepower and last... But we can build one that will handle tuned power , if you baby it and only get on it once in a great while.. 🤣
I picked up a very clean '08 F450 5R110 150K miles Lariat 4x4. Blown 6.4. for $8k.

Found an '08 6.7 Cummins complete engine 103K miles for $4500. A donor Ram truck could be better because you get all the little things like the Cummins down pipe to mate to the 6.4 exhaust and other odds and ends.

DCS Conversion kit $5000. Sold 6.4 engine for $1500 and bought a BD Iron horn turbo. Sold VGT turbo back to BD for $450.

You do not have to lift the cab to do the conversion. Its a little tight to get that 6.4 out. The Cummins is a cake walk to slide right in. It gets a little tight on the Cummins turbo side because of the intercooler piping and the AC lines fighting for the same space. I did a lot of mockups with everything to get the fit just right. But the Cummins looks factory sitting in the engine bay.
A few tips:
To weld Aluminized piping, fuel lines and intercooler piping. Pour Muriatic acid, not the tame stuff, but the strong stuff, into a flat bottom plastic container to about a 1/2'' level. Then dip the end of the piping flatly into the acid. There will be a lot of off gassing. Have plenty ventilation and follow the Muriatic acid precautions. It will only take about 15 seconds for the aluminum to burn off. Now you can weld the piping and paint your weld.

To the transition from the Ford fuel supply lines to the Cummins Fuel filter. Cut off the quick connect ends of the Cummins fuel lines. Then measure and cut the amount of the fuel line you need from the 6.4 engine fuel lines and weld to the Cummins lines.

I am Towing Combined Gross Total Weight nearing 30,000 lbs. What a truck! Especially for the money.

Have DCS remove the tuning fee from the package and go to for the tuning. My truck is listed in customer rides.
Fully functional dash.
5R110 has no idea its hooked to a Cummins.
The only way to know its a conversion is to raise the hood!

Happy to help anyone if they have any questions about the conversion.
A 12v backed by a zf6 in a 2008-2010 superduty would be great.. just alot of hassle
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