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6.4 powerstoke...... Does any one still buy them?

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So ive decided im going to be selling my very clean rust free 2007 6.7. To hopfully replace it with a equally as clean 2nd or 3rd gen with a 6speed. As i am prowling fb market place to see whats local... Quite a few 6.4 powerstrokes popped up and i couldnt help but to ponder. If any one buys these things any more? High school kids that want a diesel to roll coal and have 3ft offset tires? As they are cheap and people practicly give them away. Also makes you wonder if its just the same trucks , getting sold and traded over and over to the next victom. Hmmmmmm
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Don't get me wrong, but with DCS conversion and tuning an '08-10 6.7 Cummins in an '08-10 Super Duty is the only way to go. It's very straight forward using the stout 5R110 automatic. I also believe it's less work and finding a manual truck in good condition would limit available trucks. And changing a truck over from auto to manual would certainly be a lot of work. Used 5r110 are only $800. The ZF6-750 is over $2k rebuilt plus a core.

With my 6.7 Cummins install running the Cummins viscosity fan I only needed to take 2" out of the drive shaft at the tranny. Move the transmission mount to the back holes that the manual trans uses. Reconfigure the trans dip filler tube. Cut the transmission cooler tubing near the transmission. Use 1/2 compression AN fittings and hose. Slip heater hose over the AN hose for added protection and route pass the engine mount up to the cut off lines at the bumper just before they 90 up. Install AN compression fittings to mate to the hoses. Tranny DONE.
DCS supplies a new engine harness to plug into the Ford engine side of the PCM which also plugs into the modified Cummins engine harness. Only one wire needs splicing into the body side of the Ford PCM. The Cummins needs the Dodge TIPIM module to communicate with the Cummins PCM, which plugs into the Cummins harness and has an OBD2 port that you install in the cab at the Ford's OBD2 location.
A Tach helper is supplied to run the Ford Tach. That's a couple of wires.
Cruise Helper is supplied for setting up cruise control using a Ford cruise servo on the fuel pedal. That has about 7 well detailed taps to make.
A pedal module is supplied that is plug and play that splits the Ford pedal output into a signal that mimics the Cummins fuel pedal and supplies information so the 5R110 knows what to do.
You retain and use the Ford starter, Ford Alternator, power steering pump.
Dodge AC compressor. Ford fuel supply system feeds the Cummins fuel filter. Double filtration.

Fummins Tuning brings it all together.

And what's really sweet is you can order from a drive thru and not have to shut your truck off😁
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