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6.4 powerstoke...... Does any one still buy them?

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So ive decided im going to be selling my very clean rust free 2007 6.7. To hopfully replace it with a equally as clean 2nd or 3rd gen with a 6speed. As i am prowling fb market place to see whats local... Quite a few 6.4 powerstrokes popped up and i couldnt help but to ponder. If any one buys these things any more? High school kids that want a diesel to roll coal and have 3ft offset tires? As they are cheap and people practicly give them away. Also makes you wonder if its just the same trucks , getting sold and traded over and over to the next victom. Hmmmmmm
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I don't think many members here would buy a 6.4L powerstroke. They aren't exactly known as being a super reliable engine or easy to work on. Well, the diehard ford owners will tell you that once you've gotten proficient at ripping off the cab, they're easy to work on. The good news is, if you buy a 6.4L, you'll get very proficient at ripping the cab off relatively quickly it seems. They seem to hold power ok stock though.
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hmmm I have a 68RFE and dont worry one bit about it... best trans I ever had TBH. Sounds like your taking in too much interweb myths. Also what makes you think the 6speed is any better?

I get, I do. If you just want emission free and a stick, go for it! just don't fool yourself into thinking the reasons are because the 68rfe is a timebomb and the emissions stuff is actually a problem. Chasing that logic you are going to unhappy with the new truck for its "interwebs fact-checked Ackelses heal"
What mods do you have done to your 68RFE?

It's the worst transmission I've ever owned by far made worse in combination by the factory shift points. I would pay good money to put a G56 in but before I go there I was going to try a new valve body and higher line pressures. I was also going to try making my own TCM tune because the ones that I have tried hold third gear way too long.

I have heard the 4.5 gen and up 68RFE are a different beast because of a new valve body and also better gearing.
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get some metric mods done.
Hah! this is gold. I'm stealing this.
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I feel bad for the guys that own Ford diesels and smoke cigs. Having to take the cab off to use the cigarette lighter every time would be a PITA.
If i was going to get another ferd diesel , id be going a different dirrection.. id go newer and get the 6.7
They're nice trucks for sure.
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