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5x014 VCO part number?

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I am looking for a 5x014 145* VCO nozzle, I called a supplier and they gave me this Bosch part number 0433175081, I googled it and it from what I can tell it's a DSLA 145 P 477

Is this actually correct? Because when I look that up I'm getting results for a 5x010 nozzle

If it is, yipee, my parts engine has a set of them in genuine bosch!
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SAC certainly doesn't provide a "far dirtier burn", BD testing or not.

If 155 degrees provide a dirty burn on the pistons you posted a pic of, I'd look to the injector build, even with decently advanced timing.

Within sensible parameters, injector cleanliness & performance greatly depends on the builder, more than the type of nozzle.

Yes, I know SAC provides a little more power for a given hole size, but BD did some testing and they found them FAR dirtier.. I had a set of 5x012 155* SAC injectors and I went to 5x014 145* VCO.. here's the spray pattern
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