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5th Wheel Tailgate use??

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How many thinks or knows that it does or doesn't help with mileage??

I had one on my 05 when it was alive and I think it did pretty good. I don't haul 5th wheels or goosenecks too often, so its for a practial use for me but more on the mileage side....

I just got to wondering if anyone else thought so!! :thumbsup:
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From Myth Busters:
Annotated Mythbusters: Episode 64: More Myths Revisited

They had a much simpler test setup this time. They had an electronic flowmeter hooked into fuel line of Jamie's pickup. Adam: "For anyone out there that wants to e-mail telling me that we screwed up this test, we have already calibrated this thing, to this car. So it's going to be perfect!" They drove the pickup truck up and down the stretch of 101 around Candlestick and the Cow Palace.

* Tailgate down: 5.2 gallons/hr @ 55mph. 1.2 gallons/hr @ 25.
* Tailgate up: 5.0 gallons/hr @ 55mph. No reading for 25mph given, but tailgate up was once again confirmed as more efficient.
* Hardcover over pickup bed: 5.0 gallons/hr @ 55mph. 1.2 gallons/hr @25mph
* Tailgate mesh: 5% more efficient
* Tailgate removed: about the same as tailgate up and hardcover

Mesh was most efficient by 5%

I'd venture to say the 5th wheel tailgate would yield similar results as the 'mesh tailgate'.
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