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5th gauge????

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Hey guys,

I finally got all the parts and pieces put together im gonna install the optix series gauges. I have 5 gauges: Boost, Pyro, Fuel PSI, Rail PSI and Tranny Temp.

My question is, where should I hook in my tranny temp, I dont feel the need to hook it into the tranny since I have a 6 speed, I was thinkin either Engine Oil Temp or Rear diff temp since I do tow a lil. Where would I tap into engine oil temp? Any ideas
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i think your tranny needs it more than the rear diff would. imo
Ok ya Ive been thinkin about the gauge deal. Ill just read my tranny temp, since it is a tranny temp gauge.

This is a stupid question but where do I hook into, for the sender?
Install FAST coolers they make it hold an extra quart and have holes for a temp sensor!!
too bad they dont work with the G56 tranny!
oil temp

If you look on top of your oil filter housing their is a plug you can take it out and your tran temp guage just screw in to thier worked for me.
Ya that will work.
The fast coolers do work.....I just installed a pair. You'll just need the G56 adaptor plates. I have my temp sender in the hole for the sender.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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