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53 block cracked. 12v swap?

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Well acouple months ago i bought a 99 24v for a steal. (or so i though)
Anyways picked it up in a rush didnt even check. yesterday it over heated
and i knew what was up because i hadnt seen any coolant anywhere.
tonight i got a chance to look sure enough its a 53 block and its got rusted anti freeze all down the passenger side under the turbo.....
I planned on p-pumping it anyways but seeing as now i need a new block and can find low mileage 12v's for 1200$ around me im thinking of just swaping the motor. and easing my fustration. Anyone have any feed back on this idea. ?
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50 views and not the first person can chime in and give any advice ?
Get the 12V and be happy, that's the plan for my '02 when the 24V goes. With a 99 it'll be even easier (no cam sensor to dealwith).
Yes put another engine in it.

Life is too short for too many time consuming projects.
Where are you finding your engines at the best i can find are referbed long blocks for about 4000.
Expensive but a man in moultrie ga can fix it 229/589/9313
why not just buy a block for 500 and swap everything over?
Used 12V's pop up on craiglist all the time here.
Just do the 12v swap!

Having more knowledge of these diesels now I wish I ran into a deal like that...hopefully rest of the truck isn't a lemon
Pick up a good IH or Brazil block and throw it in..while your in there head work and a p pump makes things way more fun.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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