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Purple must be your favorite color Steve lol.
I just read this post and feel I am way behind in some of my maintenance.
This will motivate me to change some fluids like my rear diff and front diff.
I have my transmission serviced every year and just did a brake flush when I replace my front and rear rotors and calipers along with shoes.
I took my old calipers off and rebuilt them as it was not that hard so why not.
Have a great Thanksgiving.
Yes, purple everything lol... I like that I dont have to think about maintenance... every 10k on the 10k, 25k on the 25k etc... It allows me to plan ahead for all of it so much of it can be done in one shot.

Steve , you using the rp grease in the tubes ? I repack my freespin kit @100k intervals and am coming on that soon , was planning on the RP as that’s what’s in everything on my ride .
Yes RP in the tubes. I also recently had my axle u-joints swapped by a shop and requested they put a dab of grease on the inner bearing for the stub shaft (the one in the hub). That is whatever grease they have.
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