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5-speed or auto

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well i have posted a few threads in the past about getting my auto. tranny replaced. i am seriously thinking about just putting a 5-speed in it. if i can find me a donor truck to do this i am thinking that right there will be a job in its self (finding a donor truck). wouldn't mind keeping the auto. just not sure it it will hold up to pulling my 13k lb trailer. i am just wanting to know what everyones opinion is on this would i be better off to continue my search for a good hd auto. or would i be better off swapping over to a 5-speed. the truck is a 93 2500 4x4. all info appreciated
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I think that an auto would work pretty good with good clutches,bands,low stall converter,aftermarket pan,good oil,and a temp gauge,which I would keep a close eye on if you gotta pull long hills.A built 47RH would be a better towing trans with a lockup converter,but you could buy a nice donor truck for that money,and a 5 speed with a HD clutch will handle it no prob if you treat it decent.Hard to beat the efficency of the manual.
I'm all about "plug n play" myself, so I say stay auto and get one built.

I have one from, and they claim it doubles the towing capacity of the stock A518.
If you buid the auto, it will tow 13K like nothing.

You could also swap a 47RH in, and build that, so you could have lock up. :thumbsup:

If you absolutely have to have a manual, it is usually easier to just sell your truck, and get a 5spd.
if i want to swap over to the 47RH what all will i need. will i need just the tranny or will i also have to replace computer and etc. remember i have a 4x4
5speed is the best thing i did to my truck. direct power. better fuel mileage. just loose boost when shifting
Do it right... put a NV 4500 in the thing with a nice South Bend clutch!! :thumbsup:
To convert to a 47Rh you need a 2nd gen engine adapter and starter.

Just use your PCM for OD. For lockup use an adjustable pressure switch hooked into the governor test port. Then adjust for lockup to come in at what ever MPH you feel is right for your truck.
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