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5.9 vs 6.7 WHAT'S THE BEST???

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I just bought a 05 did i do wrong with not going with a 6.7 liter?
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I don't think so, I just bought an '08 and am getting ready to trade for an '05. Less EPA garbage to deal with, break and pollute the inside of the engine. Easy fuel filter changes too.

I can't wait.

I really like the 6 speed auto and built in exhaust brake on my '08, but the '05 has a 6 speed too :peelout
5.9 won't let you down. 6.7 is a toss-up.
We have trouble with Our 6.7 and 9.0 liters at work always egr problems of course our 5.9 that we use aren't common rail they are injection pump
I'd like to get my hands on a 6.7l but never in a million years would I trade in my 5.9l :thumbsup:
05 5.9 is money...keep it and go wild:thumbsup:
I would take an 05 anyday of the week over a 6.7L. you didnt miss out on anything but tons of pointless emissions garbage! you made a good choice for sure
Thanks everybody!! Good Info:party018:
I'd wait and get a used 6.7 that is out of warranty in a few years. I love my 5.9 but am curious what a 6.7 can do stripped of the greenie tree hugger parts. I'm not going to pay top dollar for one and immediately void the warranty especially on an unproven engine/tranny.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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