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Hello all! Here shortly I will be building an engine for my 06 and I have some ideas that I would like to run by those who have much more experience and knowledge than myself! Anyhow, I bought the Cummins common rail engine manual so it will be assembled to factory specs. Here’s the build sheet,
07 5.9 block and head
All OEM gaskets
12 valve crankshaft- balanced, polished, and trued
12 valve rods- polished, balanced, and shot peened
03’-04’ bowl style qsb pistons- either swain tech or polydyn coated
F1 diesel 120’s
6.7 cp3- arson iii kit
Hamilton 103# valve springs
Hamilton cam 54mm bearings
Hamilton push rods
Fleece coolant bypass
ARP L-19 headstuds, mainstuds and rod bolts
6.7 plenum plate, intake, and rail conversion
I am undecided on what turbo system I want to run which will ultimately decide which cam I want to go for. I am leaning towards a smaller set of compounds but well see.
As for what I’m wanting out of the engine, I want a tough engine I can depend upon for my own street/strip useage! Thank you for your time! If all goes well I will try to post the build as time goes on!
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