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4x4 Conversion Specific Questions

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Hi Everyone,

Newbie here at posting but have been a member since 2015. I tried and tried for a search and have found a lot of answers but still need some more.

I am in the process of a 4x4 conversion on the truck in my sig by way of Frame swap with a 96 2500. My transmission is a 47RE 2wd and I don't have the transfer case, linkage, or driveshafts yet. My questions are really specific to sourcing these parts and doing it the right way. So here are some questions.

Please keep in mind I am trying to do this as a budget build.

1) Would you try and source a 4x4 tail housing and output shaft for the 47RE or just try and find a used 47RE out of a 4x4? I would prefer keeping my transmission because I know where its been and how its been taken care of but wanted to see what you all thought.

2) As far as 241 transfer cases are concerned, a 241D, 241DLD, and 241DHD will work correct? I have a chance to get a 241D but its just the case, so Id need to match the output shaft somehow, and figure out linkage. Any thoughts there?

3) Those transfer cases listed above have no electronics, correct? So if I fab up my own linkage it can be done fairly easily, right?

4) How would you go about this? Would you try and find transmission, Xfer case, and driveshaft all together? Or do you think the parts can be sourced used fairly easily by in pieces. And mainly cheaper?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Ok thanks Stormin08. Went to a junkyard no luck today. Just gonna be on the hunt for awhile. I think I’ll wait to come across a DHD because to do any sort of conversion I have to switch the tail housing at a minimum. So I’m switching things anyway.
Big Fish thank you so much! great info. I did find a spec sheet from Geno's garage that went over each TC pretty well. I'm a little confused on codes though. In the spec sheet it has the 241, 241D, and 241 HD. But in forums I read of 241D, 241DLD, and 241 DHD. I assume the spec sheet is using interchangeably D to DLD, and HD to DHD because it describes the D as a heavy duty 241 to withstand Diesel engine torque. I found a 241D that came out of a 2002 1500 with the 5.9 gasser, and am trying to figure out if that will work.

Thanks for the info on transmission shops. I found a transmission parts supplier near me on the west coast that will sell me the output shaft and OD Housing for $100 bucks. I am waiting to figure out the TC to ensure fitment.

I also need to confirm transmissions in the 1500's. Do you know if they were 47 re as well? My gut tells me they were not.

Of course I want a DHD but they are insane price wise.
PTS agreed. I wish I had the powertrain but just not in the cards. I'm hoping to make this work for fairly cheap. I've got some power added plans but nothing crazy. and minimum 4x4 launches I'm sure. I would love to find a cheap DHD but I don't think those two words go together lol
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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