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4th Gen Pic Request: 8" lift, 35" tires

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I have an 8" zone lift with 37" toyo MTs on my truck. They probably have another 15-20k miles left on them but Ive been pondering dropping down to a 35" All terrain to help with towing.

I also drive in the dunes/desert quite a bit so the extra clearance would be nice. If i am full lock and I hit a good dip/bump my tires rub the rear of the front fender well. I just dont want the tires to look dinky.

So, as the title states, please post up pictures of 4th gen trucks with a 35"-ish tire!
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Not many running that size with 8". If you don't get any replies try jacking your truck up an extra 2" and that would give you an idea. Just put floor jacks on both sides of the frame and go up equally.
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