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4th Gen Pic Request: 8" lift, 35" tires

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I have an 8" zone lift with 37" toyo MTs on my truck. They probably have another 15-20k miles left on them but Ive been pondering dropping down to a 35" All terrain to help with towing.

I also drive in the dunes/desert quite a bit so the extra clearance would be nice. If i am full lock and I hit a good dip/bump my tires rub the rear of the front fender well. I just dont want the tires to look dinky.

So, as the title states, please post up pictures of 4th gen trucks with a 35"-ish tire!
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As mentioned above I don't think you'll find anyone on this forum running 35's on an 8" lift.... 37's are already borderline too small.
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