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4in AFE or 5in Flo-Pro?

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Im Looking into ordering an exhaust, and was debating between The AFE 4in or the Flo Pro 5in, i have an AFE Stage 2 intake and a H&S XRT Tuner, I was curious on the Flo-Pro what do you do with all the sensors?, i noticed it is not tapped for them like the AFE is....
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You don't need the sensors when running the XRT. You can run a full TBE with no sensors. Just cover and tape up the connectors. I have the 5 in exhaust and am very happy with it. Also am running the AFE Stage II dry filter, XRT and Edge Insight CS(guages). Very happy with my combo. Good luck to ya. Delete that EGR while you are at it!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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