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4in AFE or 5in Flo-Pro?

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Im Looking into ordering an exhaust, and was debating between The AFE 4in or the Flo Pro 5in, i have an AFE Stage 2 intake and a H&S XRT Tuner, I was curious on the Flo-Pro what do you do with all the sensors?, i noticed it is not tapped for them like the AFE is....
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If it's what I'm thinking of -- those aren't fuel lines. Those are pressure (vacuum) lines to measure how much resistance is in the DPF. Unplug those where they meet at the harness up by the transmission. I couldn't get in there to unplug them so I just cut the hose. They have hose as a conduit between the lines and the plugs up by the transmission.
Like turner_6104 says -- just leave them open to the atmosphere. Everything else (all the electrical sensor connectors) wrap up and tape off so dirt / moisture doesn't get in them.

From the H&S Support Faq:

Q: I'm installing a DPF Delete kit. Do I need to remove the pressure sensor lines that are attached to the side of the transmission?
A: Yes, you need to remove the pressure hard lines. Follow them up to the sensor and disconnect them there. Leave the sensor OPEN, there is no need to plug the ports with anything.

Here is the link:

FAQ’s - H&S Performance
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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