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Where are you guys getting your transmissions built or whose built units are you buying?
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Which side of the state? East or west? Spokane or Seattle? I hear Tymar Performance in Spokane is pretty good. Alligator Performance is not too far from Spokane and could probably recommend a place for you.
I ended up buying a BD unit. I have seen that alligator builds their own trans as well as carrying ATS and BD.

I got a quote from dynamic /dx2 at the time for an ATS unit but they were very expensive.
On a different note, does anyone know much about Diesel Outfitters in Arlington?
I've stopped by there just the other day. Mike the owner used to work at/with Randys off-road with owner Randy Cole. I've been partial to Randy for a few years but never had anything major done there. I will say that I got some good 1on1 time with Mike that probably wouldn't have been possible at Randy's (Their phone rings off the hook if you've ever been in there) . I know from word of mouth there is a LITTLE bad blood between them but I've never heard it from the mouth of either of the owners they were always professional, just customers gossiping. With any place New I treat them like a new girl friend. Don't go all out right away. Do something little first (small repair) and see how it goes. Mike offered to press in my seal when I do my kdp.

On a different note I took my truck to MOTOR TRUCKS in Everett for a buggar of a freeze plug. I had to take it back 3 times in 6 days after but NEVER COMPLAINED or tried to back out of fixing the little things they didn't do right. They owned right up to without any word from me. Also they are a commercial fleet repair facility and run 2 SHIFTS. So if needed you can get your vehicle back MUCH quicker.

That's my .02

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Check with dynamic custom transmissions they are in Spokane wa and, Jon the owner def. knows his shi*
I built my own 47re.. They are SOO simple, I couldn't justify paying through the nose for one.
Sasdakota- did you buy another core and build it? Or pull yours and build it? I'm looking for a core right now.
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I missed this reply. I pulled mine out and rebuilt it. Sent converter and vb out as soon as I pulled the trans to revmax. Who already had my new converter and vb built just waiting on my cores so I didn't pay core fee.

It was a fun learning experience. Some precision tools are needed. IE calipers, feeler gauges, dial gauge for checking end play. I also bought a hydraulic press for the OD pack.
Anybody in the Seattle/Tacoma area, I'm looking at building my 48re.
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