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48re questions

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My tranny isn't slipping yet, but I have a smarty on the way. I have a couple of questions about the upgraded 48re. When most companies upgrade the 48re do they put new clutch drums in, use stock drum, or modify the stock drum to hold the extra clutches? Besides torque converter, valve body, and shafts, what else do they upgrade? Do they modify anything else on just standard upgraded transmissions? Who makes the best 48re? I just like knowing as much as I can about what I am about to buy befor purchasing.
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I have been looking into this as well. Im leaning toward Georend Transmissions. They have a great knowledge of our 48re's and know what works and what doesnt. I will warn you tho, they are slow to respond to emails (my only gripe).

You can also check out HTS tranns. They are in Michigan and also know alot. They are real quick to answer emails. But seemed to be a bit more expensive. They also recommended replacing a couple parts (intermediate and output shafts) that Georend said are strong enough stock if only doing mild boosted launches every now and then. Thats $1400 in parts alone. And they are a bit more picky about how your stock tranny is holding up and will charge you for broken stuff in your old tranny so they can rebuild it.

Suncoast trans had quick response to emails and all. But their prices were definitly higher than the others. So that killed em for me.

I wouldnt touch ATS for nothing. Too many bad stories.

There more I just cant think of them nor have I spoken to them.

It always seems to go back to Georend.....
Joe E.
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Also this is one of them emails I recieved from them listing parts and costs. This is for a 06 ctd with 9" lift and 39" tires, 3.73 gears, auto tranny, mildly modified with bolt ons and modding to at most twin turbos and needed mods.

I would install a valve body $495, converter $1295,
Sonnax billet input $750 and output $750, billet band apply lever, strut
and anchor $85 and probably a double deep trans pan $250
unless you already have that you could
also install the updated Alto 6 pack front clutch kit
$85 labor to remove and install
these parts would be prox
$600 a complete trans with
these parts and other internal updates would be
$5300 this would include all the above parts plus
the bolt in low roller clutch and a 7 plate alto overdrive
clutch there is also a shift enhancer that
should be installed so the pressure control motor can be
adjusted the enhancer is
$250 I would need your zip
code to give you a freight price

Hope this helped.
Joe E.
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