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48re puking fluid out front pump

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So, i thought my 04 cummins with the 48re had a front pump leak. I was idling the truck for an extended amount of time roughly 2 min high idle around 1000 rpm, in 32f temps. It started puking fluid. I pulled the tranny, decided to do a rebuild myself which i have done before, put back and it does the same thing. Any ideas?

On another note, after this rebuild, the tranny warms up a lot quicker and seems to be running warmer in general. It has delayed shifting 1-2 and 2-3 now. It also has a bit of a whirring noise under heavy load and doesn't seem like it's laying down as much power as before.

I added alto clutches, added a 6th clutch to od brake, billet servos, accumulator, and billet shafts. It has a muldoons standard vb that worked fine prior to rebuild and only has about 10k miles on it.
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I would double check fluid level .
Make sure lines and coolers good.
Perform complete pressure test help to narrow down issue.
What has fluid and filter /pan debris looked like might give a clue on an internal issue.
No debris, filters clean currently, but it is a new ebuild. Ill have to see how she does when i put my camper on it and really load it up. Fluid was a little on the high side and tv cable was a bit tight. The whirring almost sounds like my turbo with a boost leak, its not that though.
There were no issues aside from that puking out the front before. I did not replace the tc. It was replaced about 30k ago from a shop. Unknown brand, but looks to be billet
Another odd thing, it won't shift out of first when using 4 low. Gets up around 3k rpm no shift. What might cause that?
Well, bd speed sensor was causing shift issues. Ill see about noises once i get a chance to make a good run.
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