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47rh wont shift after rebuild.

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okay so i had the tranny rebuilt about 200 miles before it started this problem but it wont shift out of 2nd gear, so i pulled the pan there was a tad bit of metal and some brittle pieces of plastic, so i went ahead and dropped the tranny again... am i lookin at just replacing the forward band??? there was barely any metal i was told that it was normal to see and the plastic must be the housing around the band. correct?? i can grab the band an take it off the 2nd gear piston area pretty much. any help is greatly appreciated while i have it out.
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Sounds like that band wasn't adjusted when it was installed.
Does it only have 2nd gear no matter what "forward" gear you put it in? ie: if you put it in drive, does it only have 2nd?
It shifts into reverse just fine, shifts 1st and then to 2nd but it almost feels like its in low gear, when it was rebuilt it shifted great like a dream!
Hmm. The thing that I'm wondering about is the plastic in the pan. There's not a lot of places it can come from. The front band should just be metal and friction material, no plastic. There's a plastic bushing on the back side of the pump that could have broken (which would be weird). Do you still have the tranny in the truck?
how big were the plastic pieces, pictures?
I actually pulled the piece out from under the valve body the servo piston fell in my hands and so did a piece of.plastic that was almost hung where the band was it seemed to be curved out but it was so brittle it kept breaking, the piece was about 1 or 1 an half inches long and yes the trans is now removed. When i get home i have a picture i can upload.
ask transmissionman

there s a forum member in here name transmissionman or guy knows his stuff maybe pm him see what he thinks
How would i find him?
Hand Nepenthes
this is the plastics
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Looks like a servo there in your hand? Servo binding up a broken? Get the sonnex one and try that.
Looks like a servo there in your hand? Servo binding up a broken? Get the sonnex one and try that.
looking back on this last post you mentioned something about getting a new servo??? should it not just slid in an out free an easy?? i just slid it back in?? trying to piece every bit of info i have together for you.
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