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47re upgrades

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I have a 2001 a/t. With mild uprgades ''listed in sig" and im wondering what type of upgrades will sute my needs, im not pullin just daily driven with the occasional ford stompin. I do plan on more preformance upgrades. With all the parts available what is a must and what could be added.
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Build it like your gonna beat on it. You'll feel better. The more power you add the more your gonna want to run it hard. I have whats in my sig and the tranny hasn't missed a beat with over 20 passes and some serious street abuse. If you know your not gonna go boost launching and stuff you can save some money by leaving the stock shafts in, but If I were you I would atleast do a billet input and a laminated flexplate. if you don't plan on running a large charger (64 or 66) down the road get a good tight converter. Mine only drops 200 rpms when going into lock-up. Thats how tight it is.
Your on the right track. Click the links in my sig and talk to either Wally at FTEDiesel, or Karl at RDPDiesel. :thumbsup
Mine had 108,000 when I had it done, and I went ahead with a rebuild.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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