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47re upgrades

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I have a 2001 a/t. With mild uprgades ''listed in sig" and im wondering what type of upgrades will sute my needs, im not pullin just daily driven with the occasional ford stompin. I do plan on more preformance upgrades. With all the parts available what is a must and what could be added.
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bump.. any more?
so the best thing is to just go to town with it a replace every thing. new tc, vb, billet input/output and a flex plate. who would yall reccomend for some of these items and im not made of :$::$:.
How many miles on the trans right now?
it currently has 99k seems to still shift strong.
ill have to look them up. i got a guy at a local tranny shop that used to build drag trannys for is own car and he said that he could do dome crazy stuff but woo was it pricey. im new to a/t's im more used to a m/t. so all this is a learning exerience.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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