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47re upgrades

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I have a 2001 a/t. With mild uprgades ''listed in sig" and im wondering what type of upgrades will sute my needs, im not pullin just daily driven with the occasional ford stompin. I do plan on more preformance upgrades. With all the parts available what is a must and what could be added.
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When i replaced my stock one it was still in good working order, Just knew sooner or later it would dump. I had Coaltrain build me a complete trans. Its got billet input shafts so i can get away with light boost launches. I also got a 3 disk billet t/q. I only wish mine was more tight and dropped less rpms under light throttle. Give them a call, I got mine for a great price and it was tested to 600hp.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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