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47re to 47rh swap?

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Okay guys found a really good deal on a built 47rh w/tc thats not far from me. My question is can a 47rh be swapped in place of a 47re? How much work? And will ECM needs switched? Is the 47rh shorter? Can I just wire up switches? Thanks in advance!:thumbsup:
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Holy crap your from cardington, how do i not know you?

Anyways a 47rh is longer then the RE due to the gov assembly in the OD unit. THe plugs on the vb are different as well.

If your looking for a trans i may be able to help you out, Ive built a lot here in the last year and im only 10min from you.
nothing. i like the RE's better personally
Can you pull/install the trans?

Single disc, added clutches, dtt shift kit, a couple billet pieces(strut, anchor, lever, accum). does that sound like what you are looking for?
That's exactly what I was looking for not intrested in a tripple disc right now because the lock-up Is to harsh for my shafts but that sounds like a great build, Ive heard alot of good from dtt. Are most of the parts you listed in there rebuild kit? Or do I have to buy the apply lever, acum, ect seprate? I'm comfortable with pulling the trans to get it built.
I would be buying the parts just to be sure i get everything that will work together well for your build. I source the shift kit and billet pieces from dtt, but i get the clutches/steels/soft kit elsewhere due to pricing and shipping from the other side of the country(dtt). We can either go with a DTT single or a Redline single disc. Both are good convertors, redline being my choice since he is more local(wooster).

I have a 47rh at my place right now for a build, just waiting on parts. I will send ya a pm and your welcome to stop down and take a ride in my truck if you'd like to see how it feels.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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