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47re to 47rh swap?

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Okay guys found a really good deal on a built 47rh w/tc thats not far from me. My question is can a 47rh be swapped in place of a 47re? How much work? And will ECM needs switched? Is the 47rh shorter? Can I just wire up switches? Thanks in advance!:thumbsup:
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Thanks guys, and I'd rather have an built re but I'm on a student budget and my trucks at a stand still as far as performance until I build my trans or buy one. I'm not gonna mess with the rh if it's gonna be alot of work, And no kidding man your just up the road if your in Ashley! I'm shootin for 400-450 hp for now how much are we talking to build mine up for that minus tc? assuming my stock shafts well hold for awhile.
That's exactly what I was looking for not intrested in a tripple disc right now because the lock-up Is to harsh for my shafts but that sounds like a great build, Ive heard alot of good from dtt. Are most of the parts you listed in there rebuild kit? Or do I have to buy the apply lever, acum, ect seprate? I'm comfortable with pulling the trans to get it built.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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