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47re shift points

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I have 37 inch tires on my truck with 3:55 gears. Is there any way to somehow delay when the transmission shifts into lockup. Especially with o/d turned off. It shifts into lockup too early at around 50km/h and it lugs the transmission so that it shudders really bad. What tells the transmission to go into lockup on these trucks? Is it the speedometer? Can I get it to shift later by changing tire size to even larger with my smarty? Is there any way to delay it going into lockup a little bit longer? I know I should be changing out my gears to something more like a 4:10 setup but I just don't have the money for that right now. BTW, my tranny is a built BD. Thanks
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I guess if you want to live with wrong speedo you could do that. There is some adjustment to speeds with throttle cable adjustment. VERY SLIGHT since only have a range of perhaps .035 inch on cable. You cold put a unlock switch in the system.
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