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47re 1st to 2nd hunting

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Kind of an odd problem here. Truck has 68k on it, I put a trans go in 1500 miles ago, tightened the front band to spec and it shifted nice and firm thru all the gears.

Over the past two days tho, it started hunting between 1st and 2nd at very light throttle. At normal throttle, it shifts 2nd nice and firm, then 3rd, and 4th. It will hold at WOT with the Edge Juice on 5, no slipping, slidding, or hunting. The problem is just at very light throttle with 1st to 2nd gear. When it starts to hunt, I can step on it a bit harder and it will either stay in 1st a bit longer then shift firm into 2nd, or push right into second depending on speed.

I'm thinking its a speed or pressure sensor problem. When we did the VB we cleaned up all the sensors but did not replace them.

Thoughts? I would like to fix this before the cold sets in. I've read there are updated pressure sensors??

BTW, the truck is a 99 4wd.

Thanks guys
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updated governor pressure solenoid and pressure transducer for good measure. Get it from the dealer as no ideal what the aftermarket is providing. Make sure TV linkage is properlly calibrated.
Problem not T C lockup issue.
Bulletin supports upgraded solenoid.
My trans go kit did not make problem on mine. At least not your issue.
The lever on tranny should respond immediatelly to ANY movement of pedal. Sounds like there is slack in the cable and needs the adjuster on APPS unlocked and cable slid out for adjustment.
new quality parts are avaliable from dealership. Don't take a chance. Their parts catalog is more accurate than mine. $200.00 or so if dealer doesn't triple net. Check another dealer or online Chrysler parts stores are good.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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