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47re 1st to 2nd hunting

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Kind of an odd problem here. Truck has 68k on it, I put a trans go in 1500 miles ago, tightened the front band to spec and it shifted nice and firm thru all the gears.

Over the past two days tho, it started hunting between 1st and 2nd at very light throttle. At normal throttle, it shifts 2nd nice and firm, then 3rd, and 4th. It will hold at WOT with the Edge Juice on 5, no slipping, slidding, or hunting. The problem is just at very light throttle with 1st to 2nd gear. When it starts to hunt, I can step on it a bit harder and it will either stay in 1st a bit longer then shift firm into 2nd, or push right into second depending on speed.

I'm thinking its a speed or pressure sensor problem. When we did the VB we cleaned up all the sensors but did not replace them.

Thoughts? I would like to fix this before the cold sets in. I've read there are updated pressure sensors??

BTW, the truck is a 99 4wd.

Thanks guys
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I am going to check my TV cable as it was disconnected for the VB install. The lever on the transmission is suppose to be all the way forward correct at idle?

I've also read about electrical noise with grounds, etc on these trucks but it shifts fine and lockup doesn't hunt...its just this annoying 1st to 2nd hunting at light throttle. I want to fix it before I throw a 7k load on the back.

Think it has too much line pressure and the gov pressure tranducer is seeing numbers that just are a bit off at low speeds?
I should also mention when I get the 1st to 2nd hunting problem, I get stacked gears where it shifts into 2nd, 3rd, and 4th very quickly. If I'm heavier on the gas it will shift all gears fine. And when i say heavier closer to 1/2 throttle.

I took a look early this morning at the APPS side of the TV cable. Is there suppose to be slack on that end at idle?
When you say slid out, do you mean pull the housing towards the firewall?
Well I adjusted the cable and all it did was change my shift points slightly, did not change my 1st to 2nd hunt. Guess its time to buy the new transducer and soleniod.

Both can be replaced w/o dropping the VB correct?

Would you happen to know the numbers? I want to make sure the dealer is giving me the right parts. Roughly how much do they cost??

Thanks for your help.
Update...picked up the transducer and soleniod on Friday (240 bucks, only dealership around), took an hr to swap them in, and all is well again.

If they go out again I am going to try the $90 aftermarket alternatives but as of this morning, she is shifting good again.

Thanks Dozer.
Mine worked good for a week or so then started hunting. TV cable didnt change anything but shift points but the transducer and soleniod fixed it. Very easy to do.
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