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400 cummins turbo model?

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What turbos came on the 400 cummins engines? Its in a kenworth, need to know if it will work for twins
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Ah, its a HT4B. It may be a little big for what i want but i think i will go pick it up for 100 bucks. How will this work with a HT4B/Hx35??
I've also been eyeing one of these off of a kenworth dumper.... I'm also afraid it will be too big:doh:

anyone tried this?
Well i went and got it, I will see if i can throw enough fuel at it. Im going to go pick another big "smaller" turbo up next weekend, not sure what it is yet tho. Im hoping it is a hx60 or ht3b or 55 or something. Im planning to plumb it to where i can interchange each big turbo out. I wouldn't recommended the ht4b because it is insanely huge. Im going to sell it if it lags too much. I picked up the whole 5" exhaust while i was there.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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