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4 wheel ABS

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How can i tell if my dodge has 4 wheel ABS and not just rear wheel abs? its a 2001 2500 4wd auto quad cab short bed. i need to find out so i dont end up ordering the wrong hub assembly.
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Mine has drums and 4wheel ABS. So that check won't work.

One sure way to see if you have 4wheel abs is to look at the hub with the wheel off and see if you have the wiring harness coming off the unit bearing. The ABS (vs RWAL) has a "tone ring" between the two tapered roller bearings in the unit bearing, and a sensor that reads the tone ring. Kind of like the reluctor ring in a distributor of an non-points distributor in a gasser.

The RWAL unit bearing has no sensor, and thus no wiring coming out of it.
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