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4" or 5" DPF Delete

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Hi guys, I own a 07.5, 6.7L fast black 3500 and haven't had much to say for 56,000 miles until now. Monday I got Jammed with Codes 2A01, 2A00, 1451 and 242F. There's another guy on another forum who's having the same problem and has been working on his truck for 2 weeks now to try to solve them but I'm just not that patient. I have the Volant Powercore and Edge juice with attitude and was wondering if I should go with the 4" or 5" delete and is H&S the ticket or some other manufacturer.

I really love the truck but if the Emissons are only going to last 50,000 miles then the EPA can replace the parts for me or kiss my diesel smokin Azz!:buttkick:

Anyway, I appreciate any help you all can offer and I've already PB Blasted the nuts and hardware and looking forward to the deletes! :party018:
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yeah i would go with h and s seems like everybody is real happy with them i have badp gen 2 but it just smokes to much if i have gen 1 and unplug it dose not smoke.I would not go 5 in because it drones and is loud inside of truck
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