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3rd gen water pump failure

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Hey guys so never have posted here before but kinda stuck right now. I had my water pump go out on my 06 5.9 yesterday coming back from an ice fishing trip didn’t realize much issues, but on the way back the temperature rose really quick and realized the smoke barreling out of the hood so immediately pulled off to the side of the road and shut it down. After looking around for a bit I realized where all my coolant had been coming from the bottom side of my water pump. Anyhow I pulled it off this morning after putting it on a trailer and getting it home and realized all the impellers had broken off I have found 2 as of now and I’ve drained it from the top after pulling off hoses and still nothing I’m kinda stuck on where the other 3 fins could be any kinda help would be awesome thanks
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That’s what I was worried about but the impellers aren’t plastic and so far the 2 I have found are to big to travel through the coolant lines in the engine block itself but maybe I’m wrong
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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