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3rd gen trac-bar upgrade for 2nd gen?

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what are the benefits, how does it take the play out of the steering, and how much can i get one for?

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i gotta order it tonight if i want it to go with the rest of the lift...can i please get some feedback?
last month is the only one i dont have for the last 2 years:thud:

ill check their site
thats the brace...not the trac bar

apparently the trac-bar out of the gen 3 trucks will stiffen up the steering in 2nd gens

i just cant figure out how
what did they change after 02 to make the 03+ better?
ok..and will this be alright with a 5" lift?
this is getting complicated fast

im hoping i can get mroe info on this thread i just started
I think he means a stock 3rd gen bar is ok up to 3", then an adjustable 3rd gen bar would be needed if this clears anything up. Thats the way I understood it.
but to my knowledge there isnt an adjustable OEM 3rd gen track bar

which means your looking at after market..whch put you right back at $250 for a thuren
Ahh, gotcha, I believe your right.
im afraid i am:thud:

its a quality piece, but i dont have the moeny for that...ill have to post pone..and its out of stock
1 - 9 of 17 Posts
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