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3rd Gen Crank Sensor READ THIS FOLKS

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Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on the newer engines that are out. If you fray a serpentine belt, craw under your truck and look at the crank sensor on the left front of the engine, right next to your crank pulley. If you fray a belt you risk cracking or breaking the tip of the sensor off. I just fixed a friends 04.5 that was that way. It sucks when youre middle of nowhere and the truck starts running like crap. Here is a list of possible symptoms you will experience.

Lack of power, similar to a lack of fuel.
Engine almost dying when in gear (automatic)
A racing engine, (revs up to about 2500-3000rpms in gear then almost dies.
More black smoke then normal.
A dieseling type of knock in the engine( more of a pinging then a diesel)

You will throw several codes when this happens as well. Here they are.

P-0335 Crankshaft sensor out of range
P-0336 Crankshaft sensor circuit A range/performance.
P-0032 H20s sensor circuit high.

You may also notice a code for your H20s sensor as well. The above named problems dont happen all the time. It can come and go, but a check engine light will remain. It will appear as a hard code till the issue is resolved. Its a fairly cheap part below $100 where I live and takes only about half hr to do. Keep an eye on your belt, and you will be fine. Make the sensor inspection, and belt inspection part of your oil change. Look at it while your under the truck dropping the oil plug. 2min to inspect is better then a big headache later.

This repair even with me doing the work cost her over a $100. With the price of the part and the new belt. PM me if you want a better instruction on how to change the Crank sensor or how it works as well.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to move this to anyother section as you all see fit.....
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what year vehicles could be affected by this?
what year vehicles could be affected by this?
2003-2007.5 should all be in the same location for the crank sensor. I would have to check with some second gen buddys of mine and look at theirs, but I would be willing to bet that its the same 1998.5-2002. So that being said, 1998.5-2007.5. I havent spent much time eyein a new 6.7L so I couldnt tell ya on that one. Maybe someone knows a few 6.7L guys to ask. Its just something to keep an eye out for. Lets see if we can get some other people to chime in and see just what other years is affected by a bad design.
Excellent !!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Matt. :thumbsup:

That must be whats wrong with my truck. Every once and a while I will get a P0336 code. The engine actually died once and sputtered once. Time to change it out. Thanks for the info
Haha. This EXACT thing happened to me on my 40,000 pound MRAP back in Iraq. I was pushin her HARD:whip:, goin about 72 MPH and I guess it was too much for her and she fried the belt, PULLED out the craank position sensor and shut off completely.
Thanks God we were just pullin into the FOB. It made for a lesson learned. Don't push a truck that heavy that hard.:doh:
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-It was a BRAND new international too, and she melted (literally) the AC compressor clutch one day too. Tisk Tisk, but it was a great truck though overall.
Dodgnlife7, Thank You for your service. If you're ever in Mi. I owe ya a couple beverages fo your choice.

Moved to the Tech Articles Submission forum. I'll move it into the 3rd gen Tech Articles forum in a few days, if that's ok?

Moved to the 3rd gen Tech Article forum.

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