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37 Spl. D80 shafts?

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Who makes 37spl axles for Dodge D80's? I have the opportunity to get a 37 spl Detroit locker for my D80 for a good price but it is 37 spl. Is there any manufacturers that make Dodge SRW length 37 spl D80 shafts? Price?

This axle will be going into a rockcrawler so upgrading to 37spl is actually a bonus. Thanks

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yukon scs and ctm all make them. the scs and the ctm are around 1800.00 the yukons im not sure but i think there around 500.00
I figured Yukon might but Yukon is junk so I won't even consider them. Friends & I have had MANY bad dealing with there axles in the last few years.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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