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35s on stock wheels with 4.5 lift? anyone? pics?

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Pics would be great, thanks
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bumpty bump
Sorry the dog's in the middle... the front has 2" spacers (leveling kit). I get minimal tire rub on the control arms at full lock-out. Tires: 315 70 R17

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youre the man thank you! u like the setup, any troubles?
i was really happy with the setup. it was the fabtech 4.5" kit. the kit can be found online for under 1k.
Sorry, missed the 4.5" lift part, set-up looks awesome though!
No worries. Truck looks good man
Thanks! I'm definitely proud of her. I'm hesitant to go higher because this is my daily driver (70+ miles a day) and need to maintain the fuel economy. I also like the knobby's but am afraid of the tire life... the cooper's you see in the picture have 45K+ miles with another 1/4" until I hit the wear bars. The set-up I'm currently running nets me 18-20 mpg...

Just realized I'm thread jacking, sorry bdoneen, the 4.5" with 35's is an awesome set-up! :thumbsup:
what size tires are those? i'm looking to do the same lift on my 08 long bed 4x4, i have 315/70/17 bfg on stock rims now, i'm curious to see how the truck will look with a 4.5" fabtech and that wheel and tire setup. Thanks, great looking truck
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