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35's on a leveling kit

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How many people are running 35's on a 2 inch leveling kit. Its time for me to buy tires and i have had the kit on for a couple months. I have a 4 inch super lift kit in my shed right now but no time to put it on. So i was thinking could i run 35's on the leveling kit until i get a chance to put on the 4 inch?
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I have the leveling kit on mine as well with 35" Cooper STT's on stock wheels........ so lemme get this straight........ you don't have time to put a 4" lift on, but you do have time to install a leveling kit??
i just bought the 4 inch kit from a friend and sand blasted and repainted all the hardware. ive had the leveling kit on for about a year. dont get me wrong im going to put on the 4 inch but i need tires really bad. im still running on stockers with 46K on them
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